Darklight & Daydreams

Darklight and Daydreams: An Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Charity Anthology


Tracy A. Ball, Kat Cotton, Pauline Creeden, J.A. Culican, N.J. Ember, Amir Lane, Melissa J. Lytton, Sara R. Perez, Joynell Schultz, Lori Titus

From rogue vampires to runaway witches, monsters in the woods to evil fae, this collection of 10 urban fantasy & paranormal romance short stories & novella’s has it all!

Your favorite best-selling and award winning authors have teamed up to create this collection to benefit Puerto Rico. All proceeds are being donated to the Hispanic Federation.

Stories Included:

Sex Demon – Cat Cotton
Chronicles of Steele: The Vampire – Pauline Creeden
Jericho – J.A. Culican
A Brush with Death – N.J. Ember
Rogue Recruit – Amir Lane
Shifting Snow – Melissa J. Lytton
The Pine Barrens – Sara R. Perez
Fangs and Fairy Dust – Joynell Schultz
Hailey’s Shadow – Lori Titus

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