Saint Nicky Demon Hunter

Saint Nicky Monster Hunter, Book One

By USA Today Bestselling author Amir Lane & author N.J. Ember

Interior by Keyminor Publishing 

Cover by Cyberwitch Press

Published by Fire Lotus Books

As the holidays near and monsters appear, Saint Nicky comes to slay.

Nicky Stevens loves the holidays. She loves kicking ass, taking names, and protecting her small town of Abundance Falls from the walking dead, but Christmas brings out something special in her.  Hunting down the few vampires who’ve come into town has been relatively easy, but now something new is lurking in the shadows. One person is already dead, and Nicky isn’t sure she can fight it alone. 

Another thing about Christmas? Miracles happen. Not just anything, but miracles.  

When newly-turned vampire Corrine suggests they work together to bring down the unknown evil, Nicky sees her as just a means to an end. Yet as they continue to fight side by side Nicky can’t deny the bond forming between them.

One thing is clear. With snow falling, carolers singing, and Santa on his way, they need to track down the new evil before anyone else dies.

Available to read in ebook and Paperback. 

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