Double or Nothing

Welcome to Double or Nothing,
where the stakes are high,
the rewards are higher
and the greatest thing you stand to lose
is your soul.

Silas Walker never met a game he couldn’t win or a deal he couldn’t seal. As one of Hell’s best soul-stealing demons, he has lived an extravagant and privileged life here on Earth. No one would guess that under his handsome and charming facade lives a twisted and malevolent soul or that his elite, underground gambling club “Double or Nothing” conceals the skeletons of his most wicked deeds.

When the sister of one of his latest victims comes to the club in search of answers, Silas is intrigued by the spark that ignites between them. Physically vulnerable, but with an inner core of strength and a pure soul, Zara Masri is an alluring and paradoxical puzzle. One he is eager to unravel as well as corrupt.

She is a problem that should be dealt with, but Silas can’t resist tempting her with his charm. Will he chose to stop her before she uncovers the truth? Or will he risk everything in a cat and mouse game that could change both of their lives forever?

For Silas, this could be one game where he might actually lose.

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