Dead of Winter: Storytellers Box

Dead of Winter is edited by Lindy Ryan and features stories by N.J. Ember, Sam Hooker, Alcy Leyva, Tiffany Meuret, Seven Jane, Laura Morrison, and Dalena Storm. Foreword by 2018 Bram Stoker Award-Nominated Author Monique Snyman. 

Eight chilling tales to read under the Cold Moon.

A tinker’s son acquires a cursed soul.

A dying woman is haunted by her own reflection.

An uninvited presence haunts a Christmas seance.

A festive holiday turns macabre.

Despite the twinkling lights and steaming cocoa, the end of the year is the darkest time of the year—a season of short days, long nights, and cold skies. In this special anniversary anthology, the authors of Black Spot Books mix Ye Olde Yuletide hauntings with modern-day holiday horrors to weave a chilling new collection of dark winter tales. From frozen forests stalked by eerie Christmas ghosts to rotting gifts of winter malice, the spirits of Christmas come home for the holidays in the Dead of Winter. 

The Dead of Winter Storytellers Box from JeanBookNerd is a fantastic way to get yourself into the holiday spirit! Not only do you get a copy of Dead of Winter, you also get awesome Dead of Winter themed swag. This Storytellers BOX includes:

  1. Book
  2. Tote Bag
  3. Shirt
  4. Ornament
  5. Bookplate
  6. Shot Glass
  7. Sticker
  8. Button

It is priced at $44.97 (USD) and can be pre-ordered on the JBN website. So don’t wait, grab your Dead of Winter Storytellers Box now. 

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New Release: Holidays Bite

Holidays Bite: A Limited Edition Collection of Holiday Vampire Tales

‘Tis the Season…for vampires!

When the days grow shorter and dusk comes earlier, we may spend our time decorating with holly and mistletoe, drinking cider, and playing in the snow. But the creatures who stalk the night are in their element—and while visions of sugarplums dance in our heads, they’re lurking in the shadows, knowing there’s nothing so delicious as a vampire’s kiss. 

So settle in for a long winter’s night full of winter holiday vampire tales from these New York TimesUSA Today, and international bestselling authors. Including paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and dark fantasy, this collection give a whole new meaning to the term heartwarming.

Because sometimes, the holidays truly bite.

One-click now for holiday reads you’ll never forget—even if you live forever.

Featuring stories by: 

Laura Greenwood, Margo Bond Collins, Mirren Hogan, Edeline Wrigh, Elizabeth Dunlap, Kat Parrish, Elise Hennessy, Renee Hewett, Helen Scott, Sharon Rose Mayes, Quirah Casey, Cate Cassidy, Joe Quackenboss, Nicole Zoltack, Deb Christie, Sheena Austin, Krista Ames, J. A. Cummings, Meghyn King, Lily Luchesi, Lexi Ostrow, Tricia Schneider, R. L. Wilson, Fatima Bader, N.J. Ember, Tameri Etherton, Merrie Destefano, and Angela Nicole Chu. 


Halloween Release: Witchy Wonders

When the ghouls come knocking, the witches come to play.

Ever wonder how the witches party on the day of the dead? How the supernaturals play when the veil is thin? Well here’s your chance to find out all their secrets. From witches, to wizards, and all the wickedness. Come join these 20 authors as they discover what goes bump in the night.

Authors include: T.K. Barber, K. J. Sage, N.K. Stackhouse, Chris Storm, Helena Novak, Bex Taylor, Stefani Kenna, Mira Kane, Zelda Knight, Lauren Smith, N.J. Ember, Krista Ames, Maria Vermisoglou, V. P. Allasander, Poppy Flynn, Sasha Fino, Lissa Lynn Thomas, Katherine Moore, Bethany Strobel, Michelle Scissom

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Voice Acting & Space Mantis

I’m voicing the character of Celia in a fun and fantastic space opera podcast created by Laura Morrison! The podcast is called Space Mantis. I’m credited under my real name Nadia Hasan and I first show up around episode ten. Here’s some more information about the show:

A team of intergalactic efficiency experts comb the galaxy looking to bring order to the chaos of the universe! Or at least they were… until their very famous show was suddenly canceled. But, good news—a mysterious Narrator is delivering hope to the fandom in the form of a new podcast!

For legal reasons, she can’t air the totally real and legitimate Space Mantis DVDs she found in a box on her doorstep. But releasing the audio is cool, right? Probably…

So, if you’re a Mandie who misses the daring adventures of Captain Joe, Doctor Angela, and the rest of the ragtag crew (or you’re a fan of sci-fi/fantasy podcasts) fear no longer—the Space Mantis is on its way!

Visit the website where you can sign up for our newsletter, support our Patreon, leave us tip and most importantly, listen to the show! Spread the word and share the love. ❤️🪐

2021 Release: Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter, a Black Spot Books Anthology 

Horror is coming home for the holidays.

Foreword by 2018 Bram Stoker Award-Nominated Author Monique Snyman

Edited by Lindy Ryan

Stories by Sam Hooker, Alcy Leyva, Laura Morrison, Cassondra Windwalker, Dalena Storm, Daniel Buell, N.J. Ember and Tiffany Meuret. 


Press Release:


New Release: Darklight & Daydreams

Darklight and Daydreams: An Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Charity Anthology

From rogue vampires to runaway witches, monsters in the woods to evil fae, this collection of 10 urban fantasy & paranormal romance short stories & novella’s has it all!

Your favorite best-selling and award winning authors have teamed up to create this collection to benefit Puerto Rico. All proceeds are being donated to the Hispanic Federation.

Cover design by: Covers by Combs

Interior design by: Keyminor Publishing

Authors: Tracy A. Ball, Kat Cotton, Pauline Creeden, J.A. Culican, N.J. Ember, Amir Lane, Melissa J. Lytton, Sara R. Perez, Joynell Schultz, Lori Titus

Stories Included:

Sex Demon – Cat Cotton
Chronicles of Steele: The Vampire – Pauline Creeden
Jericho – J.A. Culican
A Brush with Death – N.J. Ember
Rogue Recruit – Amir Lane
Shifting Snow – Melissa J. Lytton
The Pine Barrens – Sara R. Perez
Fangs and Fairy Dust – Joynell Schultz
Hailey’s Shadow – Lori Titus

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Why I Decided to Publish The Desiccated in Parts

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that my project for the last four years has been a book called The Desiccated. I think it’s the type of story that defies genre because it has elements of paranormal, sci-fi and contemporary. It hasn’t been easy to write, but I believe in the characters, in Lia and E.J. and all the residents of Black Ridge Falls, and I believe in the story that I want to tell. I knew if I worked on it long enough that I would figure out the best way to bring it to life.

It was only when I began to write The Desiccated that I learned how complex it was. There was a lot about Lia’s past that would influence the way she reacted to everything happening around her, and much of it’s unresolved when the story opens. There were issues she would have to face internally. However, there are also other external events that are happening simultaneously which will affect her. All of this needed to be explored (at least in part) because her reactions to all of these variables are what move the story forward. Staring at the plot outline for this book I realized a few things. The first was, if I wrote this book the way I had outlined it (and the way it deserves to be told) it was going to be huge.

“Bring the past only if you’re going to build from it.” – Doménico Cieri Estrada

The second thing I realized was that my first book event was coming up and I had only written roughly one third of the story. Insert meltdown here. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I didn’t want to miss the event, but I also didn’t want to rush this project or cut things from it because I felt an obligation to you, the readers, to have it completed in time. I hated the idea that I would deliver a substandard book or publish a book that I wouldn’t be proud of. All seemed lost.

Suddenly, I had an epiphany. What I call my Jimmy Neutron moment: Hey, the first third of this book was good. It had been looked at, edited and picked apart by a professional editor. (Hi, Dionne!) If there was a way I could publish the start of The Desiccated, it would probably do well. I’d feel confident that readers were getting something worthwhile.

There was. I realized I could publish the book in parts. In thirds, even. Authors do that all the time. When all three parts are done, I can republish them all as one complete (gigantic) book. Brain Blast!

Brain Blast

The best part is that publishing the book twice will give readers the option to read the way they’re most comfortable. Some people like a faster read that they can finish in one go, while others prefer to sit down with a larger book that they can stretch out over time. By publishing in serials and then again as a complete novel, you get to choose. How cool is that?

Also, as an author, getting feedback on what works and what doesn’t helps me to learn, grow and become a better at my craft. (So if you read part 1, don’t forget to leave a review!)

I’m super excited about publishing The Desiccated as a serial, and I hope you are, too. My favorite part of this epiphany brain blast decision though, is the fact that I get to work with Najla Qamber Designs on a set of brand new covers!  Thank you to everyone who has been patiently waiting for this book. Thank you to all of you for reading. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Start Here

Welcome! The first thing you should know is I’ve decided to start an external blog called Writing After Dark. To get to my blog, just click the Blog tab in the main menu or subscribe to the feed by clicking on Blog at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re there you’ll get all my personal thoughts, as well as background on characters and insight on research for my books.  I’m going to use the blog setup here (titled News!) to share general updates on things as they happen.

You might be wondering why I’d go through the hassle of setting up an extra blog on when I have the option to blog directly from this site. The answer is simple: more customization and a chance to get people interested in what I’m doing while waiting for this website to be ready. In fact, if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ve already come from my blog.

The idea started from reading  author Nova Ren Suma’s blog and liking the way she had everything set up. I like when things are visually appealing (in other words, pretty). While I take pride in the look and feel* of the site, when I went to blog, the space seemed plain and standard. I wanted it to have a distinct look and feel too.

I hope to figure out how to put together an email newsletter soon, so that all the information I share in both places can be simplified into one email and I’m not cluttering up your inbox. Feel free to interact with me at any of the social media links provided or send me a message! Until next time…

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